Blackberry Q20

The BlackBerry Classic couples a comfortable, accurate keyboard with an attractive design that’s sure to please BlackBerry fans. Support for Android apps will please the rest of us, too.

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Product Description

A new BlackBerry Q20 for a new time, the Classic is the latest from a company that didn’t quite see the rise of the touchscreen, at least not in the way Apple, Samsung, Sony, and HTC have made possible, with BlackBerry struggling to play catch-up to the other players out there.

This model is different to the competition, and yet it stays true for what BlackBerry has come to represent over the years, with a phone made for writing emails on, complete with a physical keyboard that can let you type quickly once you’ve mastered the buttons.

Pros of the Blackberry Q20

  • Its physical QWERTY keyboard is still aces
  • Lots of good software touches
  • BlackBerry holdouts will love the throwback design


  • Finding (and installing)apps can be tiresome
  • Hit-or-miss performance
  • Can’t remove the battery
  • Mediocre camera



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